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It’s a boy and his name is Juan Camilo… by Melisa George

Adopting Juan Camilo from Chiquitines Orphanage in Colombia was more amazing that I think either of us ever imagined. Looking back I am so grateful and inspired that our need to have a child was so strong that we decided to embark on this journey. Brad and I have been married almost 10 years and wanted to start a family straight away we both loved children and lived a happy and healthy life however never expected things to turn out the way they did. Our path has been long with many ups and downs and life changing experiences along the way that I know now we wouldn’t change a thing. To finally have a beautiful baby boy that puts a smile on our faces everyday and who brings so much happiness to our lives I know we are truly blessed.

Waiting for ‘The Call’ was like a waiting for the unknown, which brought out every emotion, frustration and anxiety and even jealously that I have felt in my life. One thing though I never felt sorry for us and people telling us they did made me angry as this was about a child that needed us as much as we needed them and we were prepared to wait. Everyone tells you your time will come however there are many days, months and years with those question popping up in your head Will it be this year? Wonder if we will have a boy or a girl? How old they will be?, What will they be like? How will our lives change? The list is endless and the mind never rests, however I can tell you now today my mind is at rest and I feel very content. My advise to those waiting is to let your mind wonder and create and talk about your scenarios as we did, live your life and be positive and happy as you need to be in the best state of mind for when your time comes.

We were so excited leaving for Colombia to meet Juan Camilo however it was important to keep real about what we were about to do and be a prepared mentally as we were physically. Brad and I supported each other and promised that we would try to stay calm and not cry and show Juan confidence and happiness when he was put in our arms. I cry now thinking about this most amazing moment and how surreal and amazing it was holding our little boy and seeing his cheeky smile and big brown eyes it was like life stood still. I wrote a journal for our trip, which became like my confidant and friend to express the way we were feeling and to document this for Juan Camilo to read to him later in life. Six months later I am up to 75 pages of a word document and love reading back over our time already. Juan Camilo is a healthy, happy and very busy 16 month old boy and it feels like he has been with us forever. Our journey has been nothing short of amazing. The help and support of Ricky and other adoptee families throughout these times did ease the pain and we want to praise Chiquitines for all their efforts and achievements and love for these beautiful children who need loving families and money to keep them going. Never EVER give up as there are thousands of children waiting on the other side of the world for a loving family and home that need you so much more than I could ever express and nothing ever will be as rewarding and moving as meeting Juan Camilo.